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Michael Avery and panel weigh-in on this week's leading headlines and SA government's revised wage-offer amount

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Naspers share-swap deal passes its first hurdle in Amsterdam


The exchange offer is expected to be launched tomorrow and will close on August 13

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HILARY JOFFE: Common sense and common purpose get jab rollout into gear

It's finally looking like SA's rollout is really rolling

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Jab drive leads to strong US rebound

The labour force participation rate has recovered somewhat over the past few months

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Tech meets terroir as SA wines adapt


Range of options with climate change set to test sector's resilience

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THE LEX COLUMN: Donald Trump should not be too hasty in relaxing quarantine

US president claims the country is going to be back to normal in just a couple of weeks

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THE LEX COLUMN: Tech regulation in slow motion

Chance of fines and restrictive new laws has edged up

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THE LEX COLUMN: Warren Buffett, saviour of dwindling firms

Warren Buffett is becoming the go-to guy for financial services firms around the world

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