Ethiopia’s ‘war of visions’

The conflict between the federal government and the ruling party in the northern region of Tigray has the hallmarks of civil war, say analysts. And neither ...

Strong leadership fought Covid-19 in Africa: the next step is to harness research

African countries have proved that they have the skills and expertise to provide local solutions to this global pandemic

Ready for the Black Friday rush

Retailers around SA are getting into the swing of things ahead of Black Friday. With Covid-19 looming large, they’re doing things slightly differently ...

Kimi Makwetu: A visionary internationalist who loved SA to the end

Deputy auditor-general and auditor-general-elect Tsakani Maluleke pays tribute to her boss and mentor Kimi Makwetu, who died on November 11

‘Rogue unit’: Kieswetter details process of reparations to affected staff

The SA Revenue Service has effectively binned the controversial report which cemented the ‘rogue unit’ narrative

Covid positive: South Africans who’ve defied the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has plunged the world into terrible turmoil, but some rays of light have emerged from the darkness ...

Why Biden’s victory matters for SA

Joe Biden’s victory in the US election provides an opportunity to undo some of the damage wrought by Donald Trump. At the least it will unwind some of the ...

Crunch time for Cape Town’s half-empty hotels

Some Cape Town hotels face permanent closure unless the government lifts its travel ban on key international tourist markets

Malls with mini-shops

Shopping centres are having to make new plans to fill stores that have been left vacant by the effects of the coronavirus on businesses and the empty pockets ...

CHRIS ROPER: They sure ain’t angels

Make fun of fundamentalists at your peril — they’re a growing army, leaving polarisation and disinformation in their wake

Three years later: No better than Mugabe

This week marks three years since the coup that unseated Robert Mugabe. To what extent has his successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa, been able to turn the ship of ...

Junior mining: a sunset sector?

A vibrant junior mining sector is vital for the future of mineral exploration in SA. The trajectory, however, is not looking good ...

ANC spectacle expected outside court once again

Free State structures are mobilising support for Magashule when he appears in court, in defiance of a directive from national leaders

Ace Magashule set to appear in court on Friday

Charges of fraud, corruption relate to Free State asbestos audit contract

Behind Pfizer’s new Covid-19 vaccine

Scientists are playing it safe: they want to see the data, but say that there is ‘reason to be cautiously optimistic’

Falling Covid-19 cases a good omen ahead of critical government decision

There is no sign in SA so far of a ‘second wave’ of infections like that experienced in Europe