LETTER: Bring back railway police

It will be cheaper to bring back the police than to replace destroyed trains and stolen cables

LETTER: Black procurement eclipses fuss over chicken imports

Producers would be committing suicide by giving up more than 40% of their business, as stated in action plan

LETTER: Vacillating vaccinators

The weak, prevaricating stance of the ANC is causing thousands of needless deaths

LETTER: Cool heads needed to bring down Zuma

Ramaphosa shows patience and strategic thinking as noose tightens around former president’s neck

LETTER: Condemn Chinese oppression

Chinese Communist Party is celebrating the appalling achievements of a brutal regime

LETTER: Cloud of confusion over migrants

The EU is not criminalising those crossing the sea to enter Europe, the migrants are doing it themselves

LETTER: Misjudgment precipitates political crisis

And the Zondo commission’s error might escalate  into conflict

LETTER: Crybaby JZ’s problems are self-inflicted

There are indications that Jacob Zuma is mobilising for war; fortunately, he cannot divide the entire nation

LETTER: Nkandla jamboree is SA’s assault on Capitol

Sipho Seepe follows tradition of intellectual dishonesty among Zuma's foot soldiers

LETTER: Zuma saga proves the ANC is unfit to govern

The government will have to bear full responsibility for the violence that may erupt at Nkandla

LETTER: ANC and Jacob Zuma are not above the law

The former president should be going to prison for life after what he has done to our country and its people

LETTER: Direct voting would be better

Of course direct voting will get ugly — that is the nature of politics

LETTER: In face of considered criticism Barry Schoub’s defence falls flat

Prof Schoub claims the government ‘has procured sufficient supplies of the two premium Covid-19 vaccines for its citizens’, but that is false

LETTER: Incompetent reviewer fails to do an excellent novel justice

John Fraser’s condescending, patronising tone reveals he did not understand Vincent Pienaar’s novel Limerence

LETTER: Suspend Busisiwe Mkhwebane now, Mr President

Excoriated by the courts, ‘law- and fact-free’ public protector has a woeful track record in office

LETTER: Cyril Ramaphosa has duty to separate state from party

Far from being a system of separation of powers, the constitution has united the party and executive under one policy umbrella

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