LETTER: CCMA budget cuts destroy workers’ rights

Well-structured labour laws and fantastic labour rights are of little use if they cannot be implemented, enforced and adjudicated

LETTER: MPs should accept a pay freeze during the pandemic

Politicians’ salaries come from taxpayers, and tax income is dropping as unemployment rises

LETTER: Ubuntu and progress should go hand in hand

As Africans we must elevate ourselves, but also ensure we help the impoverished and downtrodden

LETTER: SA needs new visa policy for Palestinians

Government expresses solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for justice, but its visa regime still favours Israel

LETTER: Impact assessment systems needed for sound policymaking

Socioeconomic impact assessment system never gained traction and SA is paying dearly for it

LETTER: ANC must take public stand against atrocities in Tigray

Eritrea is possibly even worse than North Korea as a totalitarian torture state

LETTER: Is the youth just waiting for the old guard to die off?

With so many alternatives to having your voice heard, I sincerely hope there is a strong band of our youth finding their way to the fore that wants to push for ...

LETTER: Who wants to feed a crocodile?

Zimbabwe is an ideal location for green energy projects but who would invest in a brutal dictatorship?

LETTER: Corruption fails to deter ANC voters

The governing party will probably let secretary-general Ace Magashule off the hook

LETTER: Halcyon days of SA tennis

Gordon Forbes recalls partnership with Abe Segal in his book ‘A Handful of Summers’

LETTER: Indigenous SA languages must be elevated

Many indigenous languages are hanging on by a thread

LETTER: Poultry imports benefit our economy too

Nobody switched sides when signing the government-led poultry master plan

LETTER: Climate change industry propaganda

Business Day ‘censors’ occasionally fall asleep when it comes to climate and its change

LETTER: SA is nothing like Southeast Asia (and never will be)

SA can’t manage a post office, a rail network, an airline, or even potholes

LETTER: No severance packages have been paid at SAA

Staff have not paid since April and there have been no payouts to those who took voluntary severance packages

LETTER: ANC rules require Ace Magashule to stand down

Secretary-general’s actions have the potential to bring the party into disrepute

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