LUKANYO MNYANDA: How many roads must SA walk down?

After the latest ratings downgrade, will it take the Venezuela option before we do things differently?

Lukanyo Mnyanda Editor: Business Day
EDITORIAL: Worrying developments at CCMA

Budget cuts are too big and too sudden to avoid a dramatic impact on services

EDITORIAL: Zuma is afraid — and so he should be

The former president knows that the NPA will act on the findings of the state capture inquiry

EDITORIAL: Don’t rule out the Reserve Bank springing a surprise on Thursday

Many economists are predicting there will be no change in the rate, but 43% believe there is space for a cut

EDITORIAL: SA must stand firm on Bushiri extradition

The government has denied that the so-called prophet and his wife were smuggled out of SA into Malawi by that country’s president

EDITORIAL: Ethiopia and Tigray must be brought to the negotiation table

Dialogue could prevent a conflict that would plunge the entire region into a nightmare war

EDITORIAL: Is Sasol’s climate about-turn capitulation or procrastination?

Shareholder activist groups are not buying the firm’s promise to table a resolution at its 2021 annual general meeting

EDITORIAL: Much hinges on asbestos case against Ace Magashule

ANC secretary-general will be able to cry foul if prosecution flops

EDITORIAL: IDC inaction does not inspire confidence

Zero progress made by Industrial Development Corporation in pursuing claim against NMT Capital

EDITORIAL: Tencent discount needs Naspers to give up control of Prosus

Boss Bob van Dijk might have to wrestle with the valuation conundrum a while longer

EDITORIAL: SA must make the most of US change

While balancing a crucial economic relationship with China, we must maintain an alliance with the US

EDITORIAL: Will extended Ters deplete the UIF?

If the Unemployment Insurance Fund isn't used to benefit workers now it might have to fund more jobless workers in future

EDITORIAL: US election was the sneeze that infected markets

Rand weakened in early trade as investors sought the safety of US treasuries

EDITORIAL: The state must urgently counter pandemic fatigue

The state is abrogating its duty by not enforcing proven safety protocols to prevent Covid-19

EDITORIAL: World waits to see which version of America will show itself

South Africans should learn not to take our hard-won democracy for granted

EDITORIAL: Bountiful gas finds off SA raise complex questions

Natural gas burns cleaner than other fossil fuels but it is a fossil fuel nonetheless and the world is drawing away from it

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