You can’t have your cryptocurrency and spend it too (without somebody noticing)

Are crypto-assets going mainstream or staying in the virtual shadows? Common sense dictates that increased and transparent regulation is inevitable

Stanford scientists take electric vehicle batteries to a new level, but can they keep sparking?

One of the most unsettling developments in business in 2020 was the trend for electric-vehicle companies to list on a stock exchange before they have their ...

BLOOMBERG: Here’s what the Brexit deal won’t end: more talks

The grueling, relentless discussions to arrive at a very thin trade deal is simply a taste of what’s to come

WANDILE SIHLOBO: Commercialisation of black farmers can help SA grow

Government policy orientation needs to change from land governance to farmer support programmes

2020 had several silver linings; one was computational biology

Along with mRNA vaccines, driverless and electric vehicles also had a year of great advances

It’s not only the super-rich that add to wealth inequality

The US middle-class split into lower and upper in the 1980s — only focusing on billionaires misses what this created in society entirely

WATCH | Business Day: Why every story is your business

Read about the new campaign for SA's foremost business publication

Tech giants had a great 2020, but 2021 is likely to be less generous

For four of the biggest US tech companies — Amazon, Apple, Facebook  and Google parent Alphabet — 2020 was one for the books.

Indoors or outdoors, holiday or work, we don’t go offline much nowadays

Entrepreneurs running their business online, such as florists and luxury gifters, have become busier

What we’ll buy in 2021, apart from less sweatpants

Vaccines give hope for a more fashionable future, but men are likely to need less suits and women may stick to comfort over chic

Egypt burnishes military-owned businesses for market, but little will change

The real change in state-led growth will be more about transparency, unless listing requirements are changed

The 10 most-read editorials of 2020

Covid-19, corruption and commissions were the subjects occupying readers’ minds the most by far

LETTER: Choose respect over ridicule

What will fill the void when the anti-religious crusade has killed Christianity?

WFH has reconfigured real estate, and malls may lose out

Working from 合约数字货币_合约交易home has split property assets into the good, bad and ugly, as staying fit at 合约数字货币_合约交易home and eating at 合约数字货币_合约交易home also become the norm

GARETH VAN ONSELEN: AfriForum’s ugly itarianism

Debate, debunk, dismiss, decry ideas all you like — but mock religion, well, that is freedom of speech taken too far

On the horns of our dilemmas: what we need to understand about grey rhino scenarios

Indlulamithi Scenario Project grapples with the notion of how to recognise and act on the obvious dangers we ignore

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