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World Bank loan may still happen, says Mboweni

Garth Theunissen

Finance minister says there will be no policy prescriptions for SA and the World Bank now understands that

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Melt Hamman to leave Attacq at end of April 2021


Listed property fund CEO announces surprise resignation to spend more time with his family next year

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SA to join Covid-19 vaccine consortium

Garth Theunissen

Finance minister Tito Mboweni reveals R500m pledged towards Covax programme

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Transaction Capital expects to resume stellar earnings growth

Warren Thompson

Financial services company says impairments should be lower next year

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views & analysis
Claire Bisseker Economics writer

CLAIRE BISSEKER: It’s way past midnight for the SA project

Not since 1994 have SA’s local currency ratings been this low. The fact that the ratings agencies have kept SA on a negative outlook suggests the country may be in the dark a while yet ...

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EDITORIAL: SA belatedly joining vaccine programme is good news — if true

Immunising 3% of SA would cost about R170m, while SAA is costing the country R10.5bn

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Ismail Lagardien Columnist & essayist

ISMAIL LAGARDIEN: Illusions and reveries of Africa claiming the 21st century are fast evaporating

Once again, the continent is incidental in world politics, and in some ways a mere source of raw materials — this time for China

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